Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a busy, hectic and non-stop city. It is manic, 24/7. The streets are filled with people selling everything. It also has some beautiful stunning  temples, monuments and even a palace.

A buzzing street!

This woman cooked and sold food on the street. I had a delicious Pad Thai for 25 Baht. That’s 50p.

People in Bangkok eat very strange foods. This is an egg!

Inside the royal palace.

Can you spot the Alma Park bear?


16 thoughts on “Bangkok, Thailand

      1. I did try it Azwa and it was the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. I also saw someone selling cooked crickets, locusts and different bugs. I am not in Bangkok anymore, I spent 5 days in Bali, Indonesia and am now in Lombok. Will send pictures soon. Enjoy year 6.
    • Lombok is beautiful Maddy. Stunning beaches where you can snorkel and others where you can surf. I had to hire a motorbike to get around. I will put some pictures up next week. Enjoy your first week back at school.

  1. Wow Mr Grant. It looks like you are having the most amazing time! Photos are super – keep them coming! Took me a while to spot the Alma Park bear! Well I swam in the North Sea on Sunday – not nearly as warm as the seas you are swimming in – ha ha! I put up the photos of Uganda on the website today with the help of Mr Lang. Tom would like to know the make and model of motorbike???!!! Speak soon. Love Miss Hand

    • Hi Lucy, all is great and great to hear about the Uganda pics. There will be more phots of the bear soon and i will put a picture of the bike/moped/scooter i used. Keep in touch. Bye.

  2. Hi every body hi mr grant. Guys have you all seen the messages from uganda and all there pics. our tshirs have arrived they are looking great……. see if u can spot your t shirt that you made I have spotted mine bye ser you all next week

  3. hello Mr G Eddie setterington with Frank and martha hope you are in good health have you seen any wired insects.Can you get the Olympics over there?

  4. Hi Neil. Great to be able to follow your adventures – all looks very exciting! Good to see you are trying out lots of new food – perhaps if you bring back the odd recipe or 2 Brenda could add them to the school dinner menu! Take care,
    Mrs T

    • Hi Mrs Treanor,
      Great to hear from you and hope the arm is getting better. There is no way I would make anyone try that fermented egg. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I did however take part in a Balinese cooking class in Ubud, Bali recently, very good. You would love Ubud Mrs Treanor, I can definately see you there. One final note on Ubud, I proposed to Lucy there and we are now engaged so travels are off to a great start. Keep in touch.
      Mr G

  5. Hi Mr Grant it is Lelema i love the photos I hope you have a good time and when did u start cooking I couldn’t find the bear on that photo I thought it was at the top.

  6. Hello Mr Grant
    I really like all your photos, looks like you’re having a great time. Congratulations on your engagement.
    Yippee I found the Alma Park Bear! Won’t spoil it for anyone else just keep looking guys its there.
    Really enjoyed looking at all the photos keep them coming.
    I am in my last year at school and will be moving to high school next year but I hope to keep in touch.
    Its very cold and gets very dark quickly these days, bonfire night tomorrow and Christmas is around the corner and that’s another year gone. At least you’re in a sunny place and makes me smile just looking at the wonderful pictures.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    from Yusuf Hassan
    Bilal Hassan and Rizwana (my mum)

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